Anycast DNS

New DNS PoP in Mumbai

This new DNS point of presence provides a significant boost in the speed at which CDN hostnames are being resolved by Indian visitors, and works together with our Edge points of presence in Mumbai and Bangalore to deliver content fast across all of the country. 

Previously, Indian visitors were routed to Singapore, which was our closest DNS PoP to India. This resulted in higher latency and often suboptimal performance:

PUSHR CDN anycast DNS Singapore
Latency across India when served from DNS in Singapore

With the DNS traffic now being local to the country, PUSHR covers 94.9% of the country within 50 milliseconds of latency, with 47% served in sub 30 milliseconds:

PUSHR CDN anycast DNS Mumbai
Latency across India with DNS PoP in Mumbai

Mumbai is only one of the new DNS points of presence that we are working on bringing to our network. Stay tuned for news on more DNS as Edge PoPs which are coming soon as part of our 2022 roadmap, and grab your 30-day free trial with $10 free credit included to get try PUSHR out!