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Our blog is now static. Here is why you should consider going static too.

As you may have noticed, we've recently redesigned our blog. The old design was starting to show it's age and was based on a centralized system (Grav), which meant that it was running on a host somewhere, partially proxied via PUSHR CDN. This host had to have PHP running on it and also acted as a single point of failure. If it did go down for some reason, our blog would not be accessible and publishing a new post would not be possible until the issue is fixed. But apart from high availability we also like speed. We've wanted our blog to run entirely on our edge network just like our website does in order to make sure it loads fast everywhere, 24/7. 

Luckily, we already had the right tool for the job: Publii.

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New CDN PoPs: Chicago and Moscow

We are very happy to announce that our network now boosts 21 points of presence around the world. Our newest CDN PoPs are in Chicago and Moscow, and provide drastic improvements in both latency and bandwidth across North America and Russia.

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PUSHR's CDN API v2 is live!

After a month of testing we are happy to open up the second iteration of our API to all customers. It is stronger, faster and easier to use, and we're launching it with the basic content management functions first: file uploads to our push storage, uploads to your dedicated video transcoding nodes, content deletion and cache purge & prefetch. Zone statistics, full zone control and video workflow automation are all set to be launched by mid-November.

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New PoP: Sofia, Bulgaria

The 19th point of presence in our network is Sofia, Bulgaria. Our hometown PoP brings live streaming, Video on Demand and static content delivery capabilities to one of the hottest start up hubs in east Europe from the state-of-the-art Telepoint data center.

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