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Cześć Warszawo!

December starts with a new edge point of presence. Warsaw, Poland, is now enabled on PUSHR's edge network and is…

Media Platform update: persistent stream links

We are happy to announce that PUSHR's Media Platform now supports persistent links for HLS streams. This new feature makes it possible to destroy, recreate and replace streams without the need to replace the streaming link in your apps, services and websites.

Best 7 free tools to check website speed 2021

Top 7 free tools to check website speed in 2021

As a CDN company we consider performance and reliability of web sites as our top priority. These metrics have direct impact on your website's bounce rate and SEO rankings. And while PUSHR uses it's own edge and DNS networks of servers to measure and optimize the performance of our customers' websites, here is a list of the top 7 free tools that you can use to check your website speed in 2021. 


Helsinki data center is now live

We've just launched our newest data center. Located in the beautiful (and cold) Finland, it's enabled for all customers at no extra cost!

How to improve TTFB - blog- background

What is TTFB and how to speed it up?

Time to first byte, or TTFB for short, is a measurement which indicates how long it takes for a web server to respond when it receives a request. TTFB is an important metric since it affects both user experience and SEO rankings.