Asia CDN

Standard network tier gets a Hong Kong PoP

Last month has been very challenging at PUSHR. After a few small delays, right before the new year's day, we've managed to launch the public preview of Sonic - our S3-compatible object storage that comes with unbeatable price-to-performance ratio and hourly billing 🎉

But November was not a boring month either. We took part in a Black Friday event hosted by an online hosting community and in the discussion around it we've got a suggestion - that it would be great if we could include more Asian points of presence in our low-cost, standard CDN network tier, which starts at $0.008/GB. 

Challenge accepted!

Happy new year 🍾

We are kickstarting 2023 with great news. 🇭🇰 Hong Kong marks our first new edge point of presence this year, and brings improved latency and high throughput in Asia as part of our standard network tier. 
Those who are keeping an eye on the data center traffic distribution for their CDN zones inside their dashboard have probably already seen the PoP reporting it's egress traffic 👀 

HKG-01 edge data center traffic

It has been online since Christmas and has been enabled for all accounts by default, at no extra cost. Here is how latency looks like in Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Philippines. Unfortunately, China mainland being behind the Great Firewall, does not benefit from this new addition to our network:

Latency from Hong Kong - PUSHR CDN

After Singapore, Hong Kong is our second edge location in Asia that makes it to the standard network tier. And while rapidly rising prices of electricity will surely be making it more challenging to continue this trend in 2023, we will be looking forward to adding more exotic network locations to the affordable standard tier as possible. 

With celebrations behind, our small team is now already on to the next challenge. Stay tuned to find out what it is 🙏