The Core tier: 10 data centres. $0.004/GB.

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PUSHR was created with the aim to make reliable and fast content delivery accessible to everyone. Ever since 2017 we've been working around the clock to prove that a CDN service can be both affordable and of very high quality. We've managed to avoid being part of the mass price hike across the cloud industry last year, and are actually lowering our pricing towards our users. In the end of 2022 we've introduced our new object storage service - Sonic - which costs up to 3x less than it's predecessor while being faster, more durable, and highly scalable. In January this year we've announced our new Hong Kong edge as part of the Standard network tier, at no extra cost. Today we are taking another step by creating the Core network tier and quite possibly the most affordable pay-as-you-go CDN service in the world 🤜

10 Edge locations, 3 continents

The core tier is built for projects that require large amounts of bandwidth. From video to large files, PUSHR will deliver your content with maximum throughput from the following 10 data centres, strategically spread across North America, Europe and Asia:

PUSHR core network tier - edge data centres map

North America: 🇺🇸Los Angeles 🇺🇸Dallas 🇺🇸New York 🇺🇸Chicago

Europe: 🇬🇧London 🇳🇱Amsterdam 🇫🇮Helsinki 🇧🇬Sofia

Asia: 🇸🇬Singapore 🇭🇰Hong Kong

Global flat rate pricing: $0.004/GB

The Core tier comes with one of the lowest costs for content delivery at a global scale in the industry. There are no commitments and no minimums required, except for our $1 minimum monthly account charge. There is no limit on traffic and the core tier is built to allow easy horizontal and vertical scaling of all resources. Traffic accounting is on per-byte basis, just like with the Standard and the Extended network tiers.

Reducing costs further with Sonic 📦📦📦

Introduced on 30th December 2022, our Sonic object storage is built to further help keeping content costs at bay. With virtually unlimited scalability and it's myriad of file management options, including S3 API compatibility, it provides a durable and fast origin for all your content. Sonic is a fully managed storage solution in the heart of our CDN and comes with the same pay-as-you-go billing model where you are charged hourly based on the actual amount of data stored. Sonic has successfully gone through it's beta stage ☑️ and we will be announcing it's production-ready state shortly.

Using the Core network tier

To switch to the Core network tier, click on the CDN zone that you like to manage in your account's dashboard, open the Network & Pricing tab and select Core Tier from the dropdown menu:

How to enable CDN core tier from account dashboard

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