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Cześć Warszawo!

December starts with a new edge point of presence. Warsaw, Poland, is now enabled on PUSHR's edge network and is…


Helsinki data center is now live

We've just launched our newest data center. Located in the beautiful (and cold) Finland, it's enabled for all customers at no extra cost!

4 new PoPs: Seattle, Istanbul, Budapest and Copenhagen are live

We're kicking off the weekend with the addition of 4 new PoPs to our constantly evolving network. Seattle, Istanbul, Budapest and Copenhagen are live.

At the core of what we do is to provide the technology and toolset to enable entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses to rapidly expand their reach and deliver video, live media and static content smoothly to their customers. The backbone of this technology is our CDN network, and we are happy to announce it has grown by another four points of presence today. These new additions are enabled by default for all PUSHR customers as part of our balanced network tier, and come at no additional cost. 


Our blog is now static. Here is why you should consider going static too.

As you may have noticed, we've recently redesigned our blog. The old design was starting to show it's age and was based on a centralized system (Grav), which meant that it was running on a host somewhere, partially proxied via PUSHR CDN. This host had to have PHP running on it and also acted as a single point of failure. If it did go down for some reason, our blog would not be accessible and publishing a new post would not be possible until the issue is fixed. But apart from high availability we also like speed. We've wanted our blog to run entirely on our edge network just like our website does in order to make sure it loads fast everywhere, 24/7. 

Luckily, we already had the right tool for the job: Publii.