4 new PoPs: Seattle, Istanbul, Budapest and Copenhagen are live


Seattle has been on our list of planned locations for quite a long time. It's finally here with direct connectivity to Comcast and Shaw, providing for low latency and high-speed in the region, and nearly 3x improvement in speeds to Vancouver, Canada.


Istanbul is our most interesting location in this update, since PUSHR is the only CDN service at the time of writing to provide local connectivity to Turkey's 56 million internet users as part of it's standard offering (from $0.08/GB), at no additional cost. Peered with Turk Telekom it ensures low latency and high speed delivery of video and software to all eyeball networks in the country.


With our new point of presence in Hungary we continue the trend to introduce new markets in eastern Europe to our CDN customers. Budapest is the 4th location in the region for our network, and peers with Magyar Telecom, Chello, Inivitel, DIGI, Telenor and Vodafone to reach all home and office internet users in the country at maximum speeds. 


According to Ookla, Denmark is the 10th fastest country in terms of broadband internet, with average upload and download speeds above 100Mbps. PUSHR's new point of presence in Copenhagen brings nearly 3x improvement in speed and latency compared to our PoP in Stockholm Sweden, from where Denmark has been served until today.