Singapore and Moscow are now part of our standard network tier!

Until today, these data centers were part of our extended network ($0.04/GB). 
Starting today, they are now included in our balanced network tier ($0.01/GB - $0.008/GB). 

Singapore is our best connected point of presense (POP) in Asia, providing low latency and high speed connectivity to Singapore, Malaysia, The Phillipines, Thailand and India, as well as the surrounding region. 

Moscow provides significant reduction in latency to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, with the latter two soon to receive another upgrade as we are preparing the launch of our POP in Helsinki with even lower latencies to these countries.

 Customers who have already been enrolled in the beta of our new dashboard will start seeing these POPs reporting their traffic usage immediately. If you are not among them, then stay tuned - we are launching the largest update of PUSHR ever during this month! But more on this later:)