New CDN PoPs: Chicago and Moscow

We are very happy to announce that our network now boosts 21 points of presence around the world. Our newest CDN PoPs are in Chicago and Moscow, and provide drastic improvements in both latency and bandwidth across North America and Russia.


Chicago further lowers our network's latency in the US and is our 10th point of presence in North America. The most populous city in the midwestern United States was previously served from our edge servers in Ashburn and New York, roughly 20ms away. With the introduction of this new PoP the latency drops 10 times down to 2ms on average. Connectivity is provided by NTT, GTT and Telia in Equinix's CHI1 carrier neutral data centre. Like all PoPs in our network, Chicago has been optimised for continuous throughput, reliable delivery of large static assets and live content, and is connected to our automatic failover platform which ensures your data remains accessible even in the event of a complete data centre outage.


Moscow, with it's 13.2 million residents within the city limits, and 17 million within the urban area, is the 21st location in our CDN network. It is especially important since it nearly triples the throughput to Russian ISPs, enabling smooth live streaming for viewers from Russia, while it's fast SSD drives can carry your video on demand and static content at high speed with extremely low latency.

Being a major regional internet hub, Moscow is well connected to Russia's neighbouring countries which has allowed us to improve connectivity and reduce the latency to Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia by 10ms on average.

Which CDN PoP are you using?

How to check which CDN edge server you are connected to
Each edge location returns the CDN-Node header containing it's name

The new points of presence have been activated for all customers at no additional cost. To check which CDN PoP serves your location, look for the CDN-Node response header when accessing your content via your CDN URL. In the above example we are connected to PUSHR's CDN PoP in Sofia, Bulgaria. This header has been added recently and can help you to identify any location in our network. If it does not show up for you, make sure to reload your CDN zone configuration from your dashboard.

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