New CDN PoPs: Ashburn & Atlanta

Our point of presence in Atlanta is in a carrier neutral DC with 260Gbps capacity. Connectivity consists of a premium blend of 7 transit providers including TWTC, XO, Telia, Seabone, Cogent, Century Link / Level3 & NT, and private peering connections with more than 300 networks ensuring the lowest possible latency in Georgia and it's neighbour states.

The transit in our Ashburn CDN PoP is provided by GTT and Telia in a carrier neutral data centre with direct link to CoreSite's Any2 internet exchange in N.Virginia where more than 60 networks are present.

The close proximity between our CDN PoPs on the south-east coast provides for a virtually non-perceivable performance drop in terms of both latency and throughput in the event of a failure in any data centre and each point of presence is provisioned with enough reserved capacity to carry the traffic of other points during outages.

With Atlanta and Ashburn now live and already pushing gigabits of traffic, PUSHR CDN has 8 PoPs in North America and we are now focusing on bringing up our next planned locations.

Atlanta and Ashburn are enabled by default for all our customers at no additional cost and support video on demand, live streams and software downloads.