New PoPs: Madrid, Miami and Singapore

We are happy to announce 3 new data centres in North America, South Europe and Asia! These new locations make for a total of 12 non-federated, bare-metal points of presence with guaranteed bandwidth and dedicated edge cache on our network.

Miami accelerates our customers' content delivery in the south United States and comes with direct routes to South America with an average drop in latency by 1.5 times.

Madrid provides direct connectivity for Spain and Portugal, and lowers the latency to north Africa by 3 times.

Madrid and Miami are already enabled by default for all customers at no additional cost.

Singapore is our first public point of presence in Asia. It provides fast routes and multi-gigabit throughput to Thailand, Honk Kong, Malaysia and surrounding regions. The PoP is currently undergoing load tests and PUSHR's customers will soon be able to enable it from their dashboard at a small additional monthly cost.