PUSHR's CDN API v2 is live!


More than 60% of our customers and 95% of the largest ones currently use our deprecated API v1, which we have now removed from ourĀ knowledge base. For one of them - the 3rd largest mobile app store in the world - we've even built a completely custom API, tailor made to their needs, which is used as the foundation of all their apps.

With the v2 of the API we've followed a modular approach whitch allows us to plug in custom functionalities required by customers on the go fast. This greatly shortens the time to MVP, migrations from competitive services to PUSHR and the implementation of our customers' new ideas which gives them an edge over their competition.

The first wave of functionalities was just rolled out (documented here) and we expect to release the second wave within the following 2 weeks. Apart from full control over all CDN settings, we are also integrating our video transcoding and delivery workflow in the API. Our customers will be able to control the transcoding processes, output video presets and video protection settings, as well as to bring up and down new and existing live broadcasts by using their own application logic and workflows.

Get in touch with us today at hello@pushrcdn.com and tell us more about your new idea or existing business. We will be happy to consult, build and work with you to integrate the solutions that will allow your business to reach its full potential.