Helsinki data center is now live

We've just launched our newest data center. Located in the beautiful (and cold) Finland, it's enabled for all customers at no extra cost!

Finland has an estimated population of 5,528,737 as of May 2020. According to Statista the internet penetration is at 92.37% of the population with an average download speed of nearly 67Mbps according to Ookla

With our newest CDN POP located in Helsinki, all PUSHR customers now have their content delivered at maximum speeds and with less than 10ms latency across the whole country. Thanks to it's location and connectivity, we observe significant acceleration of content delivered from this edge POP towards Latvia and Lithuania too, with latency being cut in half in there. 

Helsinki is now fully operational and features PUSHR's geo-located origin shield and edge load balancing functions, as well as instant video loading via ActivePush™.

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Embeddable HTML5 Live Streaming player is in beta

We are happy to announce a new feature in PUHSR Media Platform - our hosted minimalistic embeddable HTML5 HLS player is now in public beta and is automatically enabled for all newly created live streams. Playback is supported on a wide range of devices including web browsers and mobile.

4 new PoPs: Seattle, Istanbul, Budapest and Copenhagen are live

We're kicking off the weekend with the addition of 4 new PoPs to our constantly evolving network. Seattle, Istanbul, Budapest and Copenhagen are live.

At the core of what we do is to provide the technology and toolset to enable entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses to rapidly expand their reach and deliver video, live media and static content smoothly to their customers. The backbone of this technology is our CDN network, and we are happy to announce it has grown by another four points of presence today. These new additions are enabled by default for all PUSHR customers as part of our balanced network tier, and come at no additional cost. 


PUSHR's CDN API v2 is live!

After a month of testing we are happy to open up the second iteration of our API to all customers. It is stronger, faster and easier to use, and we're launching it with the basic content management functions first: file uploads to our push storage, uploads to your dedicated video transcoding nodes, content deletion and cache purge & prefetch. Zone statistics, full zone control and video workflow automation are all set to be launched by mid-November.