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Embeddable HTML5 Live Streaming player is in beta

We are happy to announce a new feature in PUHSR Media Platform - our hosted minimalistic embeddable HTML5 HLS player is now in public beta and is automatically enabled for all newly created live streams. Playback is supported on a wide range of devices including web browsers and mobile.

The embed option will automatically show up under the Actions options next to the stream name of all new streams. Embedding uses the standard iframe method and we've ensured a fast and snappy loading of all player components, which are hosted on PUSHR CDN global edge network

How to ebed live stream player
Using iframe code to embed live stream player

We've decided to keep the player completely clutter-free with focus on the live stream instead of player controls. All overlay elements have been positioned to stay out of the viewing field as much as possible, and some of them, like the the option to enable catpions for example, will not be visible unless captions are included with your live stream. Video quality is being adjusted automatically based on the capabilities of the viewing device and it's internet connection and we have therefore removed the manual quality selection toggle. The seekbar element has also been removed to aid with the minimalistic look but will eventually make it's way back to provide catch-up  fucntionalities in an upcoming release.

PUHSR CDN minimalistic HLS live streaming video player

We have planned a number of additional features including player branding capabilities which we will be including in the near future. 

We are currently updating our streaming API to return embeddable links upon stream creation and it will be available shortly. Please note that at the time there is no automatic way to obtain the embeddable code for streams that have their secure token feature enabled.

PUSHR's embeddable player is completely free to use. Please share your feedback with us by opening a ticket from your dashboard or dropping us an email to . Feature requests are also welcomed.

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