Anycast DNS

DNS upgrades: new anycast PoPs in Brazil and South Africa

We are happy to announce that PUSHR's anycast DNS network has been extended with two new locations - São Paulo and Johannesburg. This update brings up to 11x acceleration in CDN hostname resolution for visitors from South America and South Africa. 

In São Paulo our new DNS PoP compliments our edge PoP in South America and has direct connectivity to the Brazil Internet Exchange ( Previously name resolution from this region required queries to be sent to Miami US,  adding up to more than 100ms of latency. 

Johannesburg is one of our newest edge locations, part of our extended network, and name resolution from this region would usually require packets to make a trip to Europe which is suboptimal. With direct connectivity to NAPAfrica and JINX (Johannesburg Internet Exchange) this is no longer the case.

With these new locations our anycast DNS network now spans across 6 continents. All DNS pops are enabled for both our standard and extended network tiers at no additional cost.

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