Top 7 free tools to check website speed in 2021

Best 7 free tools to check website speed 2021


Webpagetest website

Webpagetest is among the most advanced tools for free website performance checking. It has a large amount of test server locations all around the world. In many locations you can select the browser, device and connection type to check the speed at which your website loads for your visitors under different conditions. Webpagetest also provides a video recording of the test for you to view, as well as a waterfall view of all connections and the request and response headers. It also correctly identifies if your website is using a CDN efficiently. 

2. Pingdom Tools

Pingdom Tools website

Pingdom offers their free website performance check tool with the option to select the location of the test server. As a rule of thumb, if your website is not using a CDN, you should always select the location closest to where your website is hosted. This way you will minimize the possibility of the results being skewed by issues on the internet link between the test server and your hosting provider. Pingdom offers 7 different test locations on 5 continents. In addition, a waterfall view of the speed at which all resources on your website are being loaded is available. Test your website speed here.

3. GTmetrix

GTmetrix website

GTmetrix provides their free tool which analyzes your website performance from their test server location in Vancouver, Canada. You can unlock more locations and additional features like video recording of the tests by creating a free account. GTmetrix provides waterfall view, and they have recently replaced their Pagespeed and Yslow score ratings with the Google Lighthouse tool. Request/response headers for you to analyze are also provided.

4. website is a Google Developers initiative which includes a website speed test based on Lighthouse - the same tool that Pagespeed Insights is using. In addition to recommendations on how to optimize your website, also returns a SEO, Best Practices and Accessibility score. Measure your website performance with here.


Uptrends website

Uptrends allows you to test your website speed on various browsers and devices. You can also select the native resolution of the device you want to test on. A breakdown of the content on your website and the speed at which it loads is provided in the result, as well as a Google Pagespeed score. Uptrend's test can be found here.

6. Dareboost

Dareboost website

Dareboost provides a lot of information that can help you to improve your website loading speed. Their speed test comes with useful suggestions and best practices recommendations, waterfall views, and a video recording of the test. 

7. Dotcom Tools

Dotcom Tools website

Dotcom tools will check the speed of your website performance from various locations. You can select one or more locations to test from simultaneously which saves time. Test reports are limited unless you create an account. Apart from performance, Dotcom will also alert you for errors in your website, and you can select from various other tests, including DNS and Traceroute.

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