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Media Platform update: persistent stream links


This feature has been requested by quite a few customers and while we were planning to release it as a part a larger upcoming update of the Media Platform (more on this soon), we've decided to push it earlier. 

Here is why persistent links are a great feature. PUSHR's Media Platform makes it easy for anyone to stream live to any number of viewers in adaptive bitrate HLS format. From live events to 24/7 programming, we make this as efficient and affordable as possible by billing streams hourly based on the selected transcoding presets. This means that users can create a new stream as soon as they want to go live, and then, once their broadcast ends, they can destroy the stream to avoid being billed additional hours for it. This flexible aproach, coupled with PUSHR's very competitive transcoding and CDN delivery pricing, makes Media Platform up to 20x less expensive than most of the solutions on the market. 

However, as each stream has a unique link that viewers use to watch it, once it has been destroyed the link goes with it. This could be very inconvenient, especially for some our customers who use our Media Platform to stream their Roku, LG WebOS and other channels. Replacing the link meant repackaging and uploading the app, and then waiting on users to update to the last version. 

Persistent links fix this issue by creating a unique URL to the stream which then can be reused as many times as needed. This URL is updated automatically to point to the correct stream. Our customers simply need to create a stream with the same name as the one they have previously destroyed and Media Platform does the rest.

Read more at the knowledge base.

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