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This time we are expanding PUSHR's edge network to multiple new regions at once. In our quest to provide an ever lower average global latency and unmatched speeds to all, we are adding Honolulu, Melbourne, Silicon Valley and Madrid to our edge network.

Melbourne marks our second point of presence in Australia  👋

After the deployment of our edge in Sydney we've been looking for ways to minimise latency in Australia even further. Due to some routing challenges specific to the region this task required a lot of experimentation and testing, but we are happy to say that we have found the proper way to achieve this goal. Melbourne is now live and serving traffic, and here is a snapshot of the current latency across the country tested from 208 local network probes:

Latency of PUSHR CDN across Australia
Latency across Australia


3x less latency and 2x speed in Hawaii 🏝

Sunny Honolulu and Hawaii's 1.4 million citizens are some 2000 miles (3200 kilometres) from the US west cost. Previously we were serving Hawaii from our Los Angeles data centre with an average latency of 60 milliseconds. Since we've enabled our Honolulu edge we are observing a 3x cut down to 20ms and speed increase by 2x on average! 🏎🏎🏎

The Honolulu edge is now enabled and while we continue to run optimisations here is how initial latency data looks:

PUSHR CDN edge network latency data for Honolulu, Hawaii, US
Edge latency for content delivered via PUSHR CDN to Hawaii

⚡ ¡Más rápido que nunca! ⚡

Our edge in Madrid, Spain, makes a return after it was removed a few years ago due to lack of demand. This new/old point of presence for our network is now humming along with the rest of our edge locations again, delivering traffic at high speeds with no delays to the nearly 93% of the 48 million people living there, according to publicly available internet penetration data. Latency across Spain now looks like that 🤩 : 

PUSHR edge network latency across Spain, EU
Latency of PUSHR's edge service in Spain, EU

✅ Speed boost in Silicon Valley 👨‍💻👩‍💻

We've added San Jose to our edge network to further minimise latency and improve speeds in this location. Previously SV was served from our nearby data centre in Los Angeles already offering great experience for content loaded from PUSHR's network, but we are now making it even better! The entire San Jose region is now served from the local cache point with a minimum number of network hops. With entrepreneurs now covered, here is how latency across this region looks after adding this new edge location to our network:

PUSHR edge network latency in San Jose, US
Silicon Valley gets sub-10 millisecond latency and improved bandwidth throughput

A sneak peek at the roadmap? 👀

2022 has been a great year for PUSHR so far. We've managed to expand our network to new regions, and we have been happy to have had the chance to gain the trust of many new customers 🙏 . And as the years' end is getting closer, we are now shifting all efforts in a rush to release the long awaited successor of our most successful service to date - the SFS scalable storage offering. Stay tuned as we prepare to enter a public preview stage with what we believe is the best high-performance object storage solution available on the market to date 💪