PUSHR has landed in Kyiv, Ukraine

There is so much happening in March! The first announcement that we want to share is that another point of presence has just been added to the standard network tier. This time we are expanding to Ukraine, from where we will serve your and your customers' content at high speed with great connectivity towards all major internet service providers in the country.

Improved latency

PUSHR CDN latency in Ukraine

Our Ukraine edge point of presence is reachable via direct routes from the top 5 access network ISPs in the country. Latency is at minimum and we now serve your files without the need to hand off the traffic to third party internet providers most of the time. The network operations team at PUSHR is at work to improve connectivity to a few specific networks in the south-east part of Ukraine, where disruptions are happening for reasons that are out of the scope of this post. 

No extra costs

Kyiv is now enabled for all customers at no extra cost and has been added to our standard network tier