Live Streaming

Set up Pay-Per-View events with PUSHR and InPlayer paywall

PUSHR's Media Streaming Platform provides RTMP ingestion, real-time transcoding to adaptive bitrate HLS format, stream delivery via our global CDN and an embeddable HTML5 video player. All of them bundled together make it easy to set up live pay-per-view (PPV) events and deliver them to any viewer around the world in perfect quality, at up to 25x* lower cost than competitive solutions on the market.  

And if the first most crucial element of a successful pay-per-view live stream is the smooth viewer experience, the second is monetization. Setting up a paywall that provides viewers with easy access to your pay-per-view content allows you to collect payments on the go and to secure you PPV streams from unauthorized viewing. One of the popular paywall solutions for video monetization on the market is InPlayer. InPlayer offers various options for selling access to content, including vouchers, payments via credit cards and PayPal, and generating access codes for your viewers. 

By integrating PUSHR with InPlayer you can easily launch secure pay-per-view events and maximize PPV profits while improving the viewing experience of your customers.

How does it work?

When PUSHR and InPlayer work together, a few things are happen:

1. InPlayer's paywall secures access to the page on your website or inside your app where your pay-per-view event can be watched live. The paywall manages your  customers' payments and grants access to those who have paid for the event, while blocking everyone else.

2. PUSHR Media Platform provides the video player functionality and the live stream, and applies it's advanced content protection features to ensure that:
• Viewers can not obtain the link to the live stream and share it with other viewers
• Viewers can not embed the streaming link on another website
• Encrypts the video stream making it impossible for viewing offline (optional)


Setting PUSHR and InPlayer for your live PPV event is easy. Open a ticket from your account and our support team will be happy to help with and manage the integration for you at no cost. 

Get started by creating your free trial account at PUSHR and get $10 in free trial credit valid for 30 days. 


* Pricing data collected by public sources including AWS and DaCast on 30/11/2021.