What's good, Prague?

Our Prague location is strategical to PUSHR CDN's development as it offers equally high speed to western and eastern Europe, as well as fast routes to Turkey and beyond. Packing Level 3, GTT, Cogent, Core-Backbone and M247 as upstreams, as well as more than 120 peers in the Prague Internet Exchange, this PoP provides low latency, extremely stable data transfers and superior video streaming experience to all PUSHR CDN users.

Even better failover

Apart from the nearly 3x increase in speed to a huge number of eastern European eyeball networks, PUSHR CDN's Prague location serves as a failover destination to our SuperPoP in Amsterdam, NL, and is the second of the 3-PoP ring that we are building to ensure the complete redundancy of our network across Europe.

Faster routes to Asia

Apart from our planned deployments on US's west coast for a faster and as reliable as possible connectivity to east Asia, we aim to provide good connectivity to west Asia too, but at the same low cost that our customers love. Asian routing from our Prague location is more than 2x faster compared to our SuperPoP in Amsterdam, as reported by customers in Turkey, India and even Singapore.

Prague is still undergoing it's initial cache fill operation, but at the time of writing most customers' traffic is already being served from it. This new addition to our network comes at no additional cost and is enabled by default for all customers.