Wildcard purge now available to push and pull zones

We are happy to announce that PUSHR's cache purge feature has now been extended to support wildcard purging. With wildcards it is now possible to purge entire directories, as well as files which contain a given string in their name.

Wildcards work both from the purge function inside your CDN zone's control panel, as well as via our cache purge API. We will be updating our knowledge base to document this new functionality in the following days. 

To use wildcard purge, simply add an * at the end of the URL, and PUSHR will match all files, or will purge the cache of the entire directory:

Purge entire directory from CDN cache

The above example will purge every file that is cached under the path.

Wildcard purge by name from CDN cache

The above example will purge all files that have a name starting with the string car :